The Ultraformer III is one of the most popular and most appreciated devices using HIFU technology. HIFU is an abbreviation that stands for high intensity focused ultrasound. The HIFU method is also called "non-surgical facelift".
HIFU Ultraformer III
The Cynosure Palomar Vectus Laser is the most effective and most modern laser for permanent hair removal. It is the result of several years of R&D works carried out by the American company Palomar, who created the technology of permanent laser ...
Manicure, pedicure, eyebrow tinting and eyebrow shaping at our salon are all performed by Marina. Before she came to Poland, Marina was one of the most well-known manicure and pedicure experts in Ukraine. In addition to her talent and a great sense of ...
Manicure • Pedicure • Nail art
A well-chosen shape and color of eyebrows can do more than many cosmetics. They improve the proportions and shape of the face, give the eyes a distinct look and make you look younger. If you have had a problem with proper eyebrow care, we will help you ..
Eyebrow shaping and tinting
Diamond microdermabrasion remains one of the most popular cosmetic treatments. It owes its popularity to the effectiveness and the low probability of possible side effects. It involves controlled exfoliation of the skin surface using a diamond head.
Diamond microdermabrasion
Dermomassage is performed with a special device, equipped with various size heads, adapted to individual parts of the body. The heads are connected to the pump, thanks to which the vacuum pressure is exerted on skin, subcutaneous and deeper tissues.
Exfoliation with acids, often referred to as chemical or medical peels, is an in-depth peeling of the epidermis using professional chemical agents. The treatment is performed in a few stages. First, an interview with the customer is carried out to rule ..
Exfoliation with acids

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