Wax depilation


Wax depilation is a quick procedure that allows you to get rid of unwanted hair on any part of your body. The effects of the treatment last up to three weeks!

The mechanism of the procedure is quite simple - wax is applied to the properly prepared skin, to which hair sticks. When the wax is vigorously torn off, the hair is pulled out.

At MAWO we work with the iconic Lycon wax, which effectively pulls out unwanted hair without irritating the skin, and the oils and plant extracts contained in it additionally soothe and care for the skin.

We use soft (strip wax) and hard (stripless) wax for depilation. We use soft wax for depilation of large parts of the body (legs, arms, back), it guarantees efficient and accurate work. Hard wax is designed for sensitive and small parts of the body (face, armpits, bikini), as it allows precise work on small areas and is very gentle on the epidermis.

Contraindications to waxing treatment

- viral, fungal and bacterial infections in the treatment area

- oral and topical retinoids

- any skin diseases in the treatment area (including acne)

- active psoriasis

- systemic infections

- skin tumors

- allergies to wax ingredients

- wounds in the treatment area

- susceptibility to scarring

- surgical procedures in the treatment area and fresh scars (+ 3 months after healing)

Preparation for the procedure

FACE: discontinue exfoliants, acids, retinol at least one week before the procedure, take care of skin hydration and photoprotection.

BODY: do a peeling 2-3 days before the procedure, avoid sun exposure, do not apply creams and lotions on the day of the procedure. Choose the date of the treatment so that the hair is about 0.7-1 cm, such length is the most optimal for waxing. Hair that is too short can be resistant to sticking to the wax, and hair that is too long makes it difficult to perform the procedure, depilation is very painful and carries the risk of hematoma and damage to the epidermis.


How often should the treatment be performed?

Typically, treatment intervals are about 3 weeks, the next wax epilation can be performed when a large part of the hair has grown back, and the hair itself is the optimal length of 7-10 mm.


How long the treatment takes?

The treatment lasts from 15 minutes (eyebrow adjustment, mustache depilation) to an hour (leg depilation), depending on the size of the body part to be depilated.


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