PRX T33 treatment is a year-round procedure dedicated to people who struggle with such skin problems as:
- discoloration and melasma,
- fine lines and medium wrinkles
- scars caused by acne, chickenpox, lichen planus,
- flaccid skin on breasts and neckline,
- Gray completion with a lot of blackheads, clogged and enlarged pores,
- uneven tone, gray face skin.

PRX T33 treatment is perfect for biorevitalization of the skin, general improvement of its condition, smoothing the tone and brightening, as well as anti-aging prevention.

What does the PRX T33 treatment involve?
PRX T33 treatment consists of applying several layers (usually 2-4) of a professional preparation, which consists of: TCA acid, hydrogen peroxide and kojic acid. It is a kind of a peel, but does not cause the effect of peeling of the skin, so it can be done also in summer. After some time, calculated depending on individual needs and problems of the Client’s skin, the preparation is removed with water. Next, we apply professional skin care products selected to fit the needs of the Client’s skin.

Why is PRX T33 treatment effective and often recommended?
PRX T33 treatment is a unique combination of substances known in medicine, 33% TCA (trichloroacetic acid), 5% kojic acid and H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide).
PRX T33 is a CE registered Class I medical product, created in Italy by Dr. Rossana Castellana and covered by a world patent after 10 years of clinical trials.
The effects of individual components are further strengthened by them reacting to one another, eliminating the side effects of each of them.
TCA 33% stimulates (without causing skin damage) the growth factors of fibroblasts, which have greater affinity for specific receptors and their stimulation thanks to H2O2.
Hydrogen peroxide in this preparation is designed to increase the affinity of the receptors to TCA acid, as well as reduce its penetration depth and adverse reactions. It is also known for its healing properties.
5% kojic acid has a brightening effect.

How to prepare for PRX T33 treatment?
PRX T33 treatment does not require prior preparation. Before the procedure makeup is removed.

How long does the PRX T33 treatment take?
The whole procedure takes about 40 minutes.

How often and how many times should the PRX T33 treatment be repeated?
Although the effects are visible already after the first treatment, in order to achieve maximum results and consolidate them, it is recommended to perform 5 treatments at weekly intervals.

Does the PRX T33 treatment require some time for healing?
No, after the treatment you can go straight back to your daily activities.

Which treatments are best combined with PRX T33?
The best results are achieved by combining PRX T33 treatment with microneedling.

- Allergy to kojic acid
- Pregnancy and breastfeeding
- Seborrheic dermatitis
- Active herpes
- Irritated skin
- Skin blemishes

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