ProfHilo – tissue stimulator

ProfHilo is an innovative multifaceted rejuvenation treatment, honored in 2015 by the French AMEC (Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine European Congress) and in 2016 by the British FACE Aesthetic Awards.

ProfHilo is one of the few treatments that:
- neutralizes jowls,
- neutralizes skin sagging,
- restores lost facial contour,
- evens out fine lines,
- helps to slim the face down,
- evens out and thickens the skin.

The treatment consists in injecting into 10 selected points on the face of a patented youth molecule based on highly concentrated, thermally stabilized hyaluronic acid in the form of hybrid cooperative complex hyaluronic acid (HCC HA).

The most important information about ProfHilo:
- ProfHilo is a patented, hybrid combination of two types of hyaluronic acid: L-HA, which initiates intensive skin repair and regeneration processes, and H-HA, which is the main component of the skin scaffolding and ECM (extracellular matrix).
- The preparation has the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid on the market – 64 mg
- IBSA scientists have selected hyaluronic acid with chain lengths that show anti-inflammatory, bio-revitalizing, bio-stimulating effects, capable of restoring lost skin scaffold, combining with specific CD44, RHAMM, ICAM-1 receptors that play a leading role in skin rejuvenation, which they have combined with a stable molecule.

ProfHilo is a hybrid that combines the advantages of natural and cross-linked hyaluronic acid while eliminating their disadvantages. Hyaluronic acid has undergone thermal stabilization, so it does not contain synthetic crosslinking agents (such as: BDDE, DVS, PEG, Formaldehyde).
Thanks to this, it does not degrade as quickly as natural hyaluronic acid (2-3 days) and does not lose its most important functions: moisturizing, regulatory and cellular information function, as is the case with synthetically cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Thanks to the process of thermal stabilization, the risk of allergy associated with the presence of synthetic compounds has been minimized, additionally resistance to degradation and migration has been obtained

Which areas are suitable for ProfHilo treatment?
- face
- neck
- insides of the arms
- hands

How long does the procedure take?
The treatment takes about 15 minutes.

Is the treatment painful?
The procedure does not require local anesthetic. It may cause slight discomfort, but is generally not painful.

How many times should the procedure be performed and how often?
It is recommended to perform two treatments, three if the skin is in poor condition, at 14-30-day intervals.

How long does the effect last?
The effect lasts about 1 year. Then a repeated procedure is recommended.

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment is performed using the BAP (Beauty Aesthetic Points) technique, which involves inserting ProfHilo preparation with a needle into 5 specially selected points on each side of the face.

The BAP technique has been developed to maximize the safety of the procedure by keeping an adequate distance from vain structures and large nerve clusters and to guarantee the best diffusion of the material.

What effects can be expected?
The best effects become evident after about a month after the second treatment.
One month after the first treatment – filling out, firming and evening out the skin
One month after the second treatment – visible anti-wrinkle effect, increased cheek firmness, significant filling out

Contraindications for ProfHilo treatment:
- hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid;
- pregnancy and breastfeeding;
- cancer;
- blood clotting disorder;
- use of anticoagulants;
- fungal and bacterial skin infections and inflammation;
- active herpes.

 ProfHilo and other treatments:
- Botulinum toxin - 2 weeks apart;
- fractional laser - 3-4 weeks apart;
- Microdermabrasion, chemical peelings, IPL photo rejuvenation - 1-2 weeks apart;
- Dental procedures – minimum 2 apart interval.

Recommendations after ProfHilo treatment:
- avoid temperature fluctuations for 48 hours (sauna, cryochamber, tanning bed);
- avoid excessive facial expressions for 48 hours;
- do not swim for about 2 weeks and do not undertake any strenuous physical exercise;
- take proper care of the injection sites and keep them properly clean;
- remember about wearing sunscreen daily and avoid sunbathing.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the main factors in the skin ensuring its youthful appearance. It is used to maintain structural proteins, i.e. collagen and elastin, it acts as a cellular space filler and building block, one of its molecules has the ability to bind about 250 water molecules. Hyaluronic acid leaving the cell has a length of about 1000 kDa and is broken down into shorter chains, which, depending on their length, perform different functions in cells. So far two types of hyaluronic acid have been distinguished: natural and cross-linked. Natural hyaluronic acid, due to its structure, quickly degraded after about 1-2 days after injection. Synthetically cross-linked hyaluronic acid, on the other hand, lasted much longer in the skin, but unfortunately, in the process of cross-linking, it lost its most important properties, such as deep moisturizing, regulatory or informational function, and contained synthetic compounds that may cause an allergy.

ProfHilo is a unique hybrid, highest-concentration combination of L-HA and H-HA with selected chain lengths, without synthetic crosslinking agents.

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