Nucleofill tissue stimulator

Nucleofill is a biostimulator for deep skin renewal and revitalization. The product works on three levels: 

  • lifting
  • antioxidation
  • deep hydration

It contains polynucleotides of natural origin, which in a three-way mechanism stimulate the skin to rebuild: 

  1. the main action concerns fibroblasts and the effect of the product on their receptors. Thanks to the stimulation of these receptors, the formation of collagen (type I) and elastin is stimulated, resulting in thickening of the skin and its elevation
  2. The second mechanism of action concerns the reduction of free radicals present in the skin. Nucleofill Medium/Strong has a strong antioxidant effect, resulting in healthier, visibly brighter and radiant skin. 
  3. The third mechanism concerns the hydration of each layer of the skin, including the deep layers. The polynucleotides in the formulation have the ability to bind water and provide strong hydration of the extracellular matrix. As a result, the skin becomes visibly hydrated and firm.

After the NUCLEOFILL treatment, the skin is introduced into the process of biostimulation, and during the regeneration it becomes thicker and firmer. After Nucleofill treatment, thanks to its antioxidant properties, the skin becomes radiant and rejuvenated. Wrinkles and scars will be shallowened, and the skin will gain a healthy and even tone.

The product will be great for people who have noticed a decrease in skin firmness, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and furrows, lack of radiance and hydration. Nucleofill product is of natural origin. It is safe and does not contain substances with sensitizing potential.

Indications for Nucleofill treatment:

- dry and dehydrated skin

- flaccid skin, lacking firmness

- skin of smokers

- skin with uneven skin tone

- skin exposed to oxidative stress (air pollution, improper diet, insufficient sleep, smoking, chronic stress

- skin with stretch marks and scars


Treatment series:

Deep hydration and skin tightening is visible after the first treatment. 

For the best and long-lasting effect, we recommend performing 3-4 treatments with 4-week intervals between treatments.

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