Manual cleansing

Oczyszczanie manualne - salon

Manual cleansing is a procedure performed by an experienced cosmetologist, consisting of mechanical (manual) removal of:
 - blackheads
 - milia
 - cysts
 - Non-inflammatory subcutaneous lesions

Before the treatment makeup is removed and skin disinfected. Then the pores are opened with a relaxing mask, acid or calcium. The cosmetologist assesses the type of skin problem and cleanses it with sterile tools.

Manual cleansing is most often performed in places where there are most sebaceous glands, that is: face, neck, upper chest and back.

How long does manual cleansing take?
Manual cleaning takes 60-90 minutes.

Is any special preparation needed before the treatment?
Do not squeeze out spots yourself before the treatment and avoid touching the skin.

Recommendations after the procedure:
 - Do not squeeze any spots yourself
 - Change bedding to fresh
 - Use a separate face towel, paper towels if possible
 - Avoid touching the face with the phone, wipe the phone screen clean often
 - Caution advised in contact with animals
 - Moisturize with non-comedogenic creams
 - Use sunscreen, SPF 50
 - Avoid exercise, swimming pool, sauna for the first 7 days after treatment
 - Avoid exposure to the sun
 - No make-up for the first 12-24 hours after treatment.

 - Rosacea
 - Extensive acute skin inflammation
 - Bacterial, viral or fungal infection
 - Susceptibility to scarring
 - Botox and fillers 2 weeks before treatment
 - Cancer
 - Blood clotting disorders
 - Diabetes
 - Epilepsy
 - Herpes


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