Many of our customers believe that well-cared-for feet testify to the attractiveness of a woman.

Marina will always dedicate you as much time as you need, and you will find out that no one has ever done you pedicure so thoroughly.
Your feet and foot nails need help or regeneration? Ask for the IBX treatment or acidic pedicure.


We do the following types of pedicure at our salon:
• Classic pedicure - 80 PLN
Hybrid pedicure – 110 PLN
Japanese pedicure – 90 PLN
IBX pedicure - 90 PLN as a separate treatment or +20 PLN for the first component or +30 PLN for component I and II in Classic and Hybrid Pedicure
Classic French Pedicure - 90 PLN
French Hybrid Pedicure – 120 PLN
•    Acidic pedicure:
       - without painting – 90 PLN
       - painted with classic varnish – 100 PLN
       - painted with hybrid varnish – 130 PLN


Acidic pedicure is getting increasingly popular. If you have not tried this option yet and would like to learn more, please read on:

Acidic pedicure

Acidic pedicure is an ideal solution for those who suffer from dry, cracked heels on which a thick layer of hard, rugged skin forms. It is not only a beauty treatment, but also a healing one. The acids have antibacterial, exfoliating and moisturizing properties. Acidic pedicure begins exactly like a classic pedicure, with the only difference being that after a nutritive bath for feet and the treatment and painting of nails, a professional formula is applied, consisting of a mixture of lactic, citric and tartaric acids with appropriately selected concentrations. The preparation is left on the feet for about 10-15 minutes, after which it is removed with a spatula. The heels are then smoothed with a Marathon grater or miller. At the end we put a nourishing cream and finish off the pedicure with a nice massage.

At MAWAWO, we use Callus Peel preparations to perform acidic pedicure, which is currently considered the most effective in the world.

Here are some examples of our work:

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