Nail restoration treatment

IBX manicure/pedicure is an innovative, two-component system that restores the nail plate from the inside. It can be used alone or as a base for a hybrid varnish or gel. Both preparations are applied to the nail in the same way as a hybrid varnish and it is also activated using a UV lamp. The IBX nail restoration system penetrates into the upper layers of the plate, creating a polymeric mesh that is permanently embedded in it. The IBX system is recommended for strengthening and restoring, reducing, or completely removing, white spots on the nail plate, treating fissures, cracks, splits and scaly plate tips. Composition: monomers, jojoba oil, avocado oil. The only contraindication to the IBX treatment is allergy to acrylic and to oils. This treatment is completely safe for pregnant women and children. The preparation is free from harmful substances: formaldehyde, toluene and DBP. The treatment using the IBX restoration system can be performed only in the beauty salon - it is not intended for home use.

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