Manicure, pedicure, eyebrow tinting and eyebrow shaping at our salon are all performed by Marina.
Before she came to Poland, Marina was one of the most well-known manicure and pedicure experts in Ukraine. In addition to her talent and a great sense of aesthetics, Marina is a very passionate and cheerful professional.
Marina can choose the best suited form of nail plate, save even the most damaged nails, and make the most fashionable and fanciful decorations our customers can imagine.


The following types of manicure are performed at our salon:
• Classic manicure
• Hybrid manicure
• Japanese manicure
• French manicure
as well as many types of decorations.

Show us a picture of your dream nails and we will recreate them for you!

Our clients most often decide to make a hybrid manicure that lasts for about 3 weeks on the nails. However, if you fancy a small change, you will also find something for yourself. At Mawawo, we offer you a rich selection of hybrid and classic varnishes, a total of over 300 colors with new ones regularly arriving :-) We use brands such as:

• Semilac
• Gelish,
• NeoNail
• Gelaq,
• Victori Vynn
• Morgan Taylor
• Gellique


We do not charge extra for removing the hybrid varnish applied at our salon.
Japanese manicure gains more and more popularity, giving your nails an extraordinary shine and vitality without coating them with varnish. If you have not tried this method yet and you would like to learn more, please read the following description:

Japanese manicure

Japanese manicure is also known as p.Shine, from the name of the Japanese company p. Shine who invented and developed this method of nail care.
This technique ensures that the nails are strengthened and beautifully shining, giving them the color of a pink pearl. It is a method of nail care during which no varnish is applied.
After removing the cuticles and filing the nail, the nail plate is matted with a nail file, which exposes the tubules leading into the nail. On the prepared nails, a green nourishing paste - containing silica from the Sea of Japan, bee pollen, keratin, and vitamins A and E – is rubbed in using a polisher. These ingredients nourish and strengthen nails, giving them a unique glow. Next, a special powder is applied on the nails to lock the nutritional paste in the nail plate. After the treatment, the nails are perfectly smooth and shiny



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