Lash lamination

Laminowanie rzęs warszawa

Lash lamination not only does not weaken the lashes, but even improves their condition. At MAWAWO, eyelash lamination is done using products by the Australian brand Elleebana, which are above all effective, well-proven and appreciated by our clients.

What does the procedure involve?
During the procedure, the eyelashes are wound on a special roller, previously fixed to the upper eyelid with special glue. Then a so-called activator is applied in order to open up the hair and destroy the existing disulphide bonds. This does not destroy the hair but curls the lash and lifts it. In addition, the activator contains lanolin, which moisturizes the lashes. After the activator is removed, we apply a fixer to the lashes, which rebuilds the disulphide bonds, fixing their shape and form. The next stage involves coloring of the eyelashes. This can conclude the procedure, but it is worth to enrich it at this point with the application of a professional preparation with a somewhat misleading name – Botox. BOTOX is a preparation designed to strengthen and thicken natural lashes. It contains vitamins and minerals that have a nutritional and regenerative effect on the hair. Finally, we apply keratin on the lashes, peel off the roller from the eyelid and enjoy the effect.

How does long the procedure take?
Lash lamination takes about 1 hour.

How much does lash lamination cost?
Lamination (lift + tint + keratin) – PLN 150
Lamination + botox – PLN 200

How long does the effect last?
The applied preparation is effective for 12 weeks, but the hair has its growth cycle and new lashes constantly appear. It is therefore best to repeat the treatment after about 4-6 weeks.

How to take care of lashes after lamination?
Do not soak your lashes or apply any cosmetic products for the first 24 hours. Eye make-up solutions must not be used for the first 48 hours. In addition, after the treatment, try not to touch or play with your lashes. In the first week after the treatment it would be best to give up the sauna.

1. Conjunctivitis
2. Cysts on the eyelid
3. Stye
4 Chemotherapy
5. Skin disorders in the eye area (dermatitis, jaundice)
6. Lichen planus
7. Keratitis
8. Trichotillomania
9. Facial nerve injury
10. Severe allergy
11. Eye treatments (plasma, laser) – lamination can be performed no sooner that after 2-3 months
12. Glaucoma
13. Proneness to tears.

Does drinking alcohol have an effect on the treatment?
Yes. While alcohol is processed in the body, aldehyde is released, which lubricates the lashes. The effect will be weaker.

Is wearing contact lenses a contraindication?
If you are wearing contact lenses, please tell us about it beforehand.


Laminowanie rzęs warszawa Laminowanie rzęs warszawa

Laminowanie rzęs warszawa Laminowanie rzęs warszawa

Laminowanie rzęs warszawa Laminowanie rzęs warszawa

Laminowanie rzęs warszawa

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