Intracell enables endodermic massage, which is a draining massage along with negative pressure. The apparatus additionally uses RF radio waves, IR infrared and cavitation. 

Lymphatic drainage is carried out using special heads equipped with rollers of different sizes. It helps in the elimination of swelling, promotes the removal of lymph, stimulates the lymphatic system, the transport of water and mineral salts, as well as relaxing and relaxing. Lymphatic drainage leads to a smoother skin texture through the passive movement of adipocytes, the main fat cells. In addition, the heads suck in a fold of skin, which enriches the drainage with a vacuum massage, which, by causing pressure on fat cells, promotes their breakdown.

RF radio waves are electromagnetic radiation designed to produce a thermal effect, during which the tissue heats up, enabling the breakdown of adipocytes. RF penetrate deep into the subcutaneous tissue and cause the breakdown of fatty acids and glycerol, which are then removed by metabolism.

IR is also a type of electromagnetic radiation, but with a different wavelength. Its role is to shrink and improve the elasticity of collagen fibers.

Cavitation is a phenomenon involving the rapid production and disappearance of gas bubbles in a liquid, accompanied by sudden pressure surges. Thanks to it, we break up clusters of fat tissue and damage the walls of fat cells, which are metabolized by our body.


Such a comprehensive action makes it possible to eliminate swelling associated with water retention, slim down the figure, and reduce cellulite.


- pregnancy and breastfeeding

- recent childbirth (about six months after a natural childbirth and about 8 months after a cesarean section-in both cases, we ask for a certificate from a doctor that the procedure can be safely performed)

- systemic infections and local infections in the treatment area

- tumors +10 years after treatment

- abdominal hernia

- cardiovascular and heart diseases

- kidney and liver disorders

- surgical procedures in the treatment area and fresh scars (+3 months after healing)


How often the procedure should be performed:

It is recommended to perform a series of about 10 treatments at a frequency of 1-2 times a week, followed by a treatment to maintain the effects every 4-6 weeks

How long the treatment lasts:

The treatment lasts from 20 to maxium 60 minutes, depending on the size of the massaged part of the body and the number of massaged parts.

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