Hydrogen cleansing


Hydrogen cleansing is a recommended and versatile treatment for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It effectively cleanses, reduces the effects of free radicals on the skin, regulates seborrhea and calms erythema.

Indications for hydrogen cleansing treatment:

- polluted skin

- blackheads and enlarged pores

-tired skin, grayed, dehydrated skin

- fresh discoloration

- signs of aging

- uneven skin surface.


What does hydrogen cleansing treatment consist of?

At MAWAWO, we work with the Korean Aquasure H2 machine and perform four-stage hydrogen cleansing, which can be a stand-alone treatment, as well as an adjunct to other therapies such as manual cleansing, IMAGE treatment or acid peels (in which case we perform only stage 1 of the procedure, i.e. hydrogen cleansing alone).


The first stage involves gently aspirating the skin with a sterile tip using hydrogen water - the free hydrogen ions penetrate the skin pores and allow the removal of impurities from them. In addition, hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free oxygen radicals. Free radicals are responsible for collagen damage, disruption of the hydrolipid barrier and many other skin ailments, so the use of antioxidants in office and home care is a pillar of healthy and radiant skin. 


The second stage is a gentle exfoliation using a silicone head and an acid preparation containing lactic and glycolic acid, among others. This part of the procedure allows gentle removal of keratinized layers of the epidermis without burning, pinching or subsequent peeling of the skin.


The next stage is very similar to the second stage, but we work on an acid preparation with salicylic acid, which, thanks to its lipophilic nature and disinfecting properties, is irreplaceable in therapies for acne and blackheads. We use it on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) so as not to irritate the more delicate parts of the face. 


*For sensitive skins, you can replace stages 2 and 3 with a mild vitamin C exfoliation, which refreshes the skin, strongly antioxidizes and helps seal blood vessels, making it very effective in calming vascular skin.


The fourth stage is the application of a moisturizer and massaging it with a head with galvanic microcurrents. These currents are gently felt and increase the penetration of the ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin, while the head that generates them performs a very soothing lifting massage.


The treatment is finished by massaging in a post-treatment cream and sunscreen.


Contraindications to performing a hydrogen cleansing treatment:

- viral infections: warts, herpes, molluscum contagiosum

- bacterial infections: impetigo, staphylococcal figwort

- fungal infections

- pustular, purulent acne

- acne rosacea

- erosions, erosions

- skin tumors

- cavernous angiomas

- susceptibility to scarring

- surgical procedures in the face (up to 2 months)

- systemic infections



PRECAUTIONS FOR USE OF GALVANIC CURRENTS (in their case we skip the last stage of cleansing)


- pregnancy and breastfeeding

- cancer and +10 years after treatment

- metal implants in the face

- pacemaker and bypasses

- epilepsy

- endoprostheses

- phlebitis

- circulatory disorders


The procedure requires no preparation on the part of the client. After hydrogen cleansing, you can safely return to your daily activities.

The skin may be slightly flushed after the procedure, but within one to several hours the flushing completely disappears.

We recommend performing the procedure 3-4 times at 3-4 week intervals, but a single cleansing already gives a noticeable effect of smoother and more radiant skin.


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