HIFU Ultraformer III

The Ultraformer III is one of the most popular and most appreciated devices using HIFU technology. HIFU is an abbreviation that stands for high intensity focused ultrasound. The HIFU method is also called "non-surgical facelift". Its operation consists in controlled damage and overheating of tissues, which in turn leads to a stimulation of intensive regeneration. Although it reduces wrinkles to some extent, the Ultraformer III is primarily used for skin lifting.

What to expect after the procedure:
• skin lifting and "thickening"
• reduced skin laxity
• stimulation of collagen synthesis
• reduced wrinkles
• improved skin elasticity
• improved face oval
• improved jaw outline and elimination of “puffy cheeks”
• improved neck appearance
• significantly reduced "second chin"
• reduced excess body fat and increased skin tone
• reduced skin laxity within the arms and inside of the thighs
• improved skin appearance around the knees and elbows
• lifting of the skin on the neckline (cleavage)

What is a treatment using the HIFU Ultraformer III like:
Using the Ultraformer III implies the use of an ultrasonic wave, i.e. an acoustic wave. Even though ultrasounds are also used, e.g. during cavitation or sonopheresis, the effect produced by HIFU is completely different in that it induces vibrations and the thermal effect in the tissues.
The appointment begins with consultation and completing the consent form for the treatment to follow through. If qualified for surgery, the person’s skin to be treated with the Ultraformer is first cleaned and an ultrasound gel is then applied. Depending on the evaluation of the skin condition as well as individual expectations, a suitable treatment head is selected that works on 1 of 5 depths: 1.5 mm; 3 mm; 4.5 mm; 6 mm and 9 mm. The first two heads are dedicated to the face, the last two are meant for rest of the body, while the 4.5 mm head can be used in both. Different heads are normally used during the treatment, starting with the one which is the deepest.
As a result of the HIFU operation, a controlled local overheating of cells occurs. Depending on the parameters set, the overheated points have a diameter of 0.5 to 1 mm and are spaced every 1-2 mm. This stimulates intensive regeneration of tissues and the shortening of collagen fibers.



Who is the HIFU treatment meant for?
The Ultraformer III is best suited for people aged 35-50 with normal body structure (i.e. without significant underweight and overweight).


How many treatments should be performed and how often should they be repeated?
Despite the fact that most beauty salons consider it enough to perform one treatment, it sometimes needs to be repeated to get the best results. No more than 3 treatments should be performed in three-month intervals.

Is the procedure painful:
The amount of pain experienced may vary, also depending on the nature of the patient’s problem. Sensations may be both insignificant or slightly painful. Anesthetization with an ointment is possible but not necessary.

Are previously performed treatments using fillers a contraindication:
The Ultraformer may dissolve some of the fillers, which is why it is recommended to perform the treatment not earlier than 4 weeks after the injection of fillers.

• open wounds or changes on the face
• acne on the face and neck
• metal stents/implants on the face or neck
• absorbable mechanical implants
• implanted electrical devices
• active disorders of body systems or local skin diseases that can affect wound healing
• pregnancy
• breast-feeding
• blood clotting disorders
• autoimmune diseases
• herpes and viral diseases
• treatment with anticoagulants

Possible side effects:
Treatments using the Ultraformer III do not require a convalescence period, which means you can immediately return to your daily activities afterwards.
A small number of people may experience slight swelling, erythema, tingling, pinching and oversensitivity to touch.





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