Eyelash lamination

Laminowanie rzęs warszawaEyelash lamination is to some extent an alternative to eyelash extension or curling with eyelash curlers. As a result, we get beautifully lifted, curled, and 20-40% thicker lashes that are 100% natural. During the procedure we also do the coloring (henna) of eyelashes. Eyelash lamination does not weaken the eyelashes – on the contrary, it strengthens them.
At MAWAWO, we do eyelash laminations using products of the Australian brand Elleebana, which are effective, tested and appreciated by customers.

What is the treatment about?
During the treatment, eyelashes are wound on a special roller, previously glued to the upper eyelid. Then an “activator” is applied to open up the hair shaft and destroy the existing disulphide bonds. This action does not damage the hair, it only allows to curl and lift it. In addition, the activator contains lanolin, which moisturizes eyelashes. After removing the activator, we apply a fixer that rebuilds the disulfide bonds, preserving their shape and form. In the next stage, eyelashes are colored.
The treatment can be ended at this point, but it is worth adding the application of a professional product with a somewhat misleading name - Botox. BOTOX is a preparation designed to strengthen and thicken natural eyelashes. It contains vitamins and minerals that nourish and regenerate the hair.
At the end, we apply keratin to lashes, peel the roller off the eyelid, and let you enjoy the results.

How long does it take?
Lash lift takes approximately 60 minutes.
How much is it?
Lamination (lift + color + keratin) - 150 PLN
Lamination + Botox - 200 PLN

How long does it last?
The effect of the products used during the treatment lasts around 12 weeks, but the hair has its own growth cycle and new eyelashes appear. Therefore, it is good to repeat the treatment after about 4-6 weeks.


How to care for eyelashes after lamination:
For the first 24 hours, do not soak eyelashes or apply any cosmetic products. Eye makeup solutions must not be used for the first 48 hours. In addition, after the treatment, try not to touch and do not play with the lashes. In the first week after the treatment it is also recommended not to go to the sauna.

1. Conjunctivitis
2. Cysts on the eyelid
3. Barley
4. Chemotherapy
5. Impaired skin functioning around the eyes (dermatitis, jaundice)
6. Lichens
7. Keratitis
8. Trichotillomania
9. Palsy of the facial nerve
10. Strong allergies
11. Eye treatments (plasma, laser) - lamination can be done after 2-3 months
12. Glaucoma
13. Tearing (shedding tears)

Does drinking alcohol affect the treatment?
Yes. During the sobering, aldehyde is released which lubricates eyelashes. The treatment will therefore not be as effective.
Is wearing contact lenses a contraindication?

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