Eyebrow shaping and tinting

A well-chosen shape and color of eyebrows can do more than many cosmetics. They improve the proportions and shape of the face, give the eyes a distinct look and make you look younger. If you have had a problem with proper eyebrow care, we will help you find a solution. With completed makeup courses and many years of experience, Marina, who performs this treatment at our salon, will advise and perfectly stylize your eyebrows. After the treatment, your eyebrows will match the shape of your face and your type of beauty, but more importantly, they will look natural.
Eyebrow tinting and shaping can be performed at any age. This treatment is performed in both women and men.
Eyebrow tinting (henna) – 20 PLN
Eyebrow shaping – 20 PLN
Eyebrow shaping + tinting – 35 PLN


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