Exfoliation with acids

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Exfoliation with acids, often referred to as chemical or medical peels, is an in-depth peeling of the epidermis using professional chemical agents. The treatment is performed in a few stages. First, an interview with the customer is carried out to rule out any contraindications and evaluate the skin condition. Then the skin is cleansed and degreased. Depending on the problem, a number of exfoliating substances are selected, which are then applied in the right order, concentration and pH. After neutralizing the acids, depending on the needs, cosmetics are applied in the form of serums, creams and masks.
By selecting the right acids and adjuvants, you can deal with - or significantly reduce - many skin problems, such as:
• Wrinkles and furrows
• Scars
• Uneven skin tone
• Acne - also rosacea (acid exfoliation procedures are not performed for pusarian acne)
• Skin discoloration
• Stretch marks
• Blackheads
• Gray and dry skin
• Enlarged pores
• AZS (lactobionic acid)

Acid exfoliation can be carried out throughout the year, with the exception of using some strong acids, such as TCA, pyruvic or glycolic acid.
Currently, there are a lot of preparations available that are suitable for vascular and sensitive skin. Recently, exfoliation with acids has gained immense popularity in the fight against acne in people with delicate skin.

How often should the treatment be repeated?
To eliminate the skin problem, exfoliation with acids should be performed in a series of 6-8 treatments every 8-14 days. Then, for beauty reasons, the treatment can be repeated once every few months.

Does exfoliation with acids require special preparation?
One week before the procedure do not perform: depilation, electrolysis, waxing, dermabrasion, or use retinoids and skin irritants Men should also not shave on the day of surgery.

How long does the treatment last?
It really depends on the customer’s needs and skin problem. Sometimes you need to apply several acids one after the other. The average duration of the treatment is about 50 minutes.

• Exposure of the skin to the sun
• Skin allergies
• Active herpes
• Tendency to the formation of keloids
• Condition after surgery within exfoliated area (up to 2 months)
• Pregnancy and breast-feeding
• Irritated, damaged skin
• Oral therapy with vit. A derivatives - up to 6 months after the end of therapy
• Long-term oral therapy with steroids
• Post-Kriptherapy status (up to 6 months)
• Numerous melanocytic features
• Autoimmune diseases (collagenosis, pemphigus)

How does the treatment leave the skin?
This largely depends on the type of acid used. Some act more superficially, while exfoliate more profoundly. For deep wrinkles, strong acne or highly visible discolorations, strong acids are used and you should therefore expect strong exfoliation of the epidermis, redness and appearance of small scabs. This state can last up to a week. In most cases, the skin is slightly red for about 2 days and then it gently peels off.

Post-treatment recommendations:
First of all, avoid exposure to the sun and use creams with a high filter - SPF30 or SPF50. If strong acids are used during the treatment, do not apply make-up until the skin has completely healed. It is also worth giving up cosmetics with silicones (makeup foundations, strongly opaque undercoats). After the treatment, it is also forbidden to expose skin to frost.
What acids are used at MAWAWO?
Eksfoliacja kwasami

At MAWAWO, we use strong and regular preparations of the Polish brand Peel Mission and the Canadian Skin Expert.
These products are based on the following acids:
• Pyruvic
• Azelaic
• Lactobionic
• Glycolic
• Salicylic
• Ferulic
• Mandelic
• Lactic
• Succinic
• Shikimic

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