Endodermic massage

Dermomasaż warszawa

Endodermic massage is a combination of intensive lymphatic drainage and vacuum massage. At Mawawo, we perform this treatment with the Intracell device, which helps us strengthen the effects using:
- RF radio waves
- Infrared IR waves
- Cavitation

By combining different techniques and technologies in a single treatment, our Clients achieve the best results. Intracell combines five different methods to support cellulite reduction, skin firming, body shaping, fat reduction, lymphatic stimulation and face shaping:

Lymphatic drainage - is performed using special heads equipped with rollers of different sizes. It helps to eliminate swelling, supports the removal of lymph, stimulates the lymphatic system, transport water and mineral salts, and also relaxes. Lymphatic drainage leads to smoothing of the skin structure through passive movement of adipocytes, the main fat cells.

Vacuum massage – consists of sucking in fat tissue, which puts pressure on the cells of this tissue and supports its decomposition. Additionally, it improves skin blood supply and lymphatic drainage.

Cavitation – the phenomenon consists in the rapid generation and disappearance of gas bubbles in the liquid, which is accompanied by sudden pressure surges and, as a result, a shock wave. It helps to break down clusters of fat tissue and damage fat cell walls, which are removed through metabolism.

RF radio waves are electromagnetic radiation of a certain frequency. The aim is to create a thermal effect. The thermal effect is induced by an alternating electromagnetic field, which causes movement of ions in the tissues. These particles collide and heat is emitted. The temperature generated in the skin is usually 35-45oC. Radio waves penetrate 15-20 mm deep and cause the breakdown of fatty acids and glycerol, which are then removed through metabolism.

Infrared IR waves – are also a kind of electromagnetic radiation, but with a different wavelength. They penetrate the skin at about 3 mm, and their role is to shrink and improve the elasticity of collagen fibres.

Endodermic massage can be performed on such parts of the body as: abdomen, flanks, buttocks, thighs, shoulders, and face. Depending on the body structure and the effect the Client wants to achieve, during the procedure we use different techniques, head sizes and physical force (i.e. infrared, radio waves or cavitation).

- Pregnancy
- Breastfeeding
- Vasculitis and cardiovascular disease
- Cancer in active stage
- Abdominal hernia
- Recent labor (wait about 5 months after giving birth and about 8 months after C-section)   How often should the procedure be performed?
It is recommended to perform a series of about 10 treatments at a frequency of 1-2 times a week, followed by a treatment every 4-6 weeks to maintain the results.

How long the procedure last?
Thighs take the longest - about 30 minutes.
Massage of abdomen, shoulders, back takes about 15 minutes, and buttocks – up to 20 minutes.
Endodermic massage does not require a special suit.

Intracell combines several techniques, but it is a device dedicated exclusively to endodermic massage.
Let us just remember that taking care of ourselves, using appropriate skin care products and treatments is important and helpful, but it will not replace accepting our body, a healthy lifestyle, and setting the right priorities.
It will certainly help, but it will never replace them :-)

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