At MAWAWO, the piercing procedure is performed quickly, with precision and most of all most importantly- safe. 


We use the Blomdahl Medical system, thanks to which we pierce both 

ears at the same time, allowing the procedure to be performed efficiently.

Ear and nose piercing is performed using sterile earrings and 

cassettes, and all parts in contact with the skin are disposable, which guarantees customer's safety during the procedure.


At MAWAWO, we use hypoallergenic jewelry, which minimizes the risk of  formation of nickel allergies. 

For ear and nose piercing, we use earrings made of plastic medical and pure medical titanium. 


Advantages of BLOMDAHL piercing:

- hypoallergenic earrings made of medical plastic or titanium medical,

- guns equipped with disposable, sterile cassettes,

- disposable, sterile earrings to guarantee the safety of the procedure,

- efficient performance of the procedure - we pierce both ears at the same time.


For each brave girl / boy - we provide a surprise in the form of a sweet prize

We don’t pierce children’s ears under the age of 4. 


Contraindications to the procedure

- leukemia,

- pregnancy and breastfeeding period,

- steroid therapy,

- tendency to scarring,

- allergies to metals and medical plastic,

- blood clotting disorders,


- Hepatitis) type B or C,

- Atopic dermatitis (AD),

- hemophilia,

- unregulated diabetes.

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