Diamond microdermabrasion

Mikrodermabrazja Warszawa Mokotów

Diamond microdermabrasion remains one of the most popular cosmetic treatments. It owes its popularity to the effectiveness and the low probability of possible side effects. It involves controlled exfoliation of the skin surface using a diamond head.
Diamond microdermabrasion is a good solution if you want to:
• remove/shallow acne scars
• shallow surface and mimic wrinkles
• remove sun spots or age-related discolorations
• cleanse the skin
• reduce seborrhea
• improve skin structure and tone
• reduce enlarged pores
• remove blackheads
• increase skin elasticity
• smooth out the skin
Diamond microdermabrasion provides a much higher absorption of the skin, which significantly increases the absorbability of the applied preparations. The results are spectacular.
Why you should do diamond microdermabrasion at MAWAWO:
• we perform the treatment on a new device from the Polish manufacturer;
• we will devote you as much time as you need and not a minute less;
• after microdermabrasion, we always apply the appropriate serum and mask free of charge to make the most out of the treatment;
• we work with professional products that you cannot buy in a normal store;
• the treatment is performed by a trained professional;
• all instruments are sterilized in a Class B medical autoclave;
• we offer a welcoming and homely atmosphere, and if you want to visit us with your child, we have a special play room for them.





        Depth of exfoliation
depends on the type of problem
to be gotten rid of

Dead cells

      Dead cells 35%
Living cells 65%

Living cells

skóra właściwa            
    before treatment   immediately after treatment   approx. 14 days after treatment





Contraindications to diamond microdermabrasion are not:

•    pregnancy
•    suntan
•    shallowly vascularized skin

Contraindications to diamond microdermabrasion are:
• viral infections: warts, herpes, infectious molluscum
• bacterial infections: infectious impetigo, staphylococcus
• fungal infections
• pustular acne, phlegmon
• rosacea
• cracks, erosions
• skin cancer
• cavernous angiomas
• tendency to keloids
• facial surgeries (up to 2 months)

Everything about diamond microdermabrasion

How to prepare for the treatment?
No special preparations are required prior to the treatment. It is worth making sure that the skin has not been previously irritated by a fresh tan or strong peeling.

What is the treatment like?
The skin is first cleansed and toned. Next, the cosmetician applies to the skin a head covered with diamond dust, which is shifted over the entire surface subject to peel. Depending on the area, heads of various sizes and granules are used. The effect is obtained by abrasive action of the diamond and suction of the skin through the pump. The skin surface is treated 5-15 times during one visit.

Is diamond microdermabrasion painful?
The treatment is painless. Some people even find it pleasant.

Possible side effects after diamond microdermabrasion:
• tingling, burning sensation, pruritus - these symptoms disappear quickly
• persistent erythema (up to 24-48 hours)
• hypersensitivity of the skin
• ecchymosis in people using aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (persists 24-72 hours)

How often should diamond microdermabrasion be repeated?
It is recommended to carry out a series of treatments from 2 to 10 at intervals of 1 to 4 weeks. It also depends on the customer's indications and expectations. The effect is better visible with each microdermabrasion. To maintain and consolidate the results, it is recommended to perform the treatment again every 4-6 weeks.

Is diamond microdermabrasion suitable for all skin types?
Diamond microdermabrasion is suitable for all skin types: seborrheic, acne, sensitive, dry, tanned, and very bloody.


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