We have a loyalty program addressed to our regular customers who expect other benefits in addition to beauty improvements and satisfaction with the treatment.
We encourage you to participate and collect points for services, which can be easily exchanged for prizes to be used at subsequent visits.
Use our services, recommend us to your friends, or buy vouchers for your loved ones. Be beautiful again!

The rules are simple:

1. 1 point for every 20 PLN spent on our services
2. 20 points for every successful recommendation of our services to a new customer (as long as they spend at least 100 PLN on their first visit)


  Name Details Points
1. Classic manicure   30 pt
2. Classic pedicure   60 pt
3. Hybrid manicure   60 pt
4. Hybrid pedicure   80 pt
5. Japanese manicure    40 pt
6. Japanese pedicure   50 pt
7. Eyebrow shaping and tinting   25 pt
8. IBX manicure   35 pt
9. Hair removal For a selected body part with a 50% discount 100 pt
10. Elleebana eyelash lamination (Lifting + keratin) + eyebrow tinting 120 pt
11. Elleebana eyelash lamination (Lifting + keratin) + vitamin Botox + eyebrow tinting 160 pt
12. Exfoliation with acids Face 135 pt
13. Exfoliation with acids Face and neck 145 pt
14. Exfoliation with acids Face, neck and neckline 150 pt
15. Dermomassage For a selected body part 110 pt
16. Microdermabrasion Face 125 pt
17. Microdermabrasion Face and neck 140 pt
18. Microdermabrasion Face, neck and neckline 155 pt
19. Microdermabrasion & chemical peel Face 160 pt
20. Microdermabrasion & chemical peel Face and neck 180 pt
21. Microdermabrasion & chemical peel Face, neck and neckline 200 pt
22. Manual cleansing Face 110 pt
23. Manual cleansing Face and neck 130 pt
24. Manual cleansing Face, neck and neckline 150 pt
25. Massages: Classic 30 min 75 pt
26. Massages: Classic 60 min 80 pt
27. Massages: Classic 90 min 85 pt
28. Massages: Relaxing 30 min 115 pt
29. Massages: Relaxing 60 min 125 pt
30. Massages: Relaxing 90 min 135 pt
31. Massages: Aromatherape 30 min 150 pt
32. Massages: Aromatherape 60 min 160 pt
33. Massages: Aromatherape 90 min 170 pt
34. Eyelash extensions using 1:1 method 120 pt
35. Correction 1:1 method 90 pt
36. Correction 2:1 method 120 pt
37. Eyelash extensions 2:1 method 160 pt
38. Eyelash extensions Volume 210 pt
39. Correction Volume 160 pt
40. Eyelash extensions Extra Volume 250 pt
41. Correction Extra Volume 200 pt
42. Microneedle mezotherapy Face 135 pt
43. Microneedle mezotherapy Face and neck 150 pt
44. Microneedle mezotherapy Face, neck and neckline 165 pt
45. Microneedle mezotherapy Abdomen 135 pt
46. Microneedle mezotherapy Thighs (front/back) 175 pt
47. Microneedle mezotherapy Whole thighs 250 pt


Discount 50%

  Name Details Points
48. Lipoliza Ciało 170 pkt
49. Lipoliza Podbródek 120 pkt
50. Mezoterapia igłowa Twarz 175 pkt
51. Mezoterapia igłowa Twarz i szyja 200 pkt
52. Mezoterapia igłowa Twarz, szyja i dekolt 225 pkt
53. Makijaż permanentny  Brwi 350 pkt
54. Makijaż permanentny  Kreska górna w linii rzęs 175 pkt
55. Makijaż permanentny  Kreska górna eyeliner 250 pkt
56. Makijaż permanentny  Kreska dolna 150 pkt
57. Makijaż permanentny  Kreska górna w linii rzęs + kreska dolna 250 pkt




1. MAWAWO, with its registered office at Puławska 108/112, 02620 Warsaw (Poland), NIP 824 17 44 887, is the organizer of the Loyalty Program.
2. The Mawawo Loyalty Program is to reward Participants who purchase services from the Organizer in the manner specified in the T&C. The program is organized on the territory of the Republic of Poland and lasts from 18 January 2018 until its termination by the Organizer.
3. The T&C shall be the document outlining the principles, scope and terms of participation in the Mawawo Loyalty Program conducted by the Organizer.
4. Participant - any individual with at least limited legal capacity or other entity with legal capacity who has joined the Program in accordance with the terms outlined in the T&C.
1. Joining the Program shall take place by reporting to the Organizer the will to participate in the Program and acceptance of its T&C.
2. The Organizer has the right to award the Customer the status of a Program Participant. In this event, the Organizer shall provide the Participant with the opportunity to become acquainted with the Program’s T&C.
3. The Participant has the right to resign from participation in the Program at any time by submitting a relevant statement at the Organizer's office.
4. Resignation shall take place with immediate effect.
5. Program Participant may participate in the Program only in person, and their participation shall not be transferable to other persons.


1. After successful completion of the payment process by the Program Participant for the services of the Organizer, as well as after an effective order of the Organizer by the Participant or in other cases specified in the T&C, the Participant's card shall be credited with points. The following is the list of premium activities along with the number of points:
   - 1 point for every 20 PLN spent on our services
   - 20 points for every successful recommendation of our services to a new customer (as long as they spend at least 100 PLN on their first visit)
2. Points collected for premium activities shall be credited on a card issued by the Organizer.
3. Program points may be calculated only once per each activity.
4. As part of competitions and promotional activities, Participants may be awarded additional points or additional prizes in accordance with the terms outlined separately for periodical actions.
5. The Organizer has the right to correct the Status of the Participant's points if the points were awarded incorrectly.
6. Points collected on the issued card are not subject to exchange for money, nor can they be sold or transferred to a third party.


1. The Organizer is the administrator of personal data of Program Participants.
2. The organizer may process the following personal data: first name, last name, email address, telephone number, physical address.
3. The Participant's personal data may be processed for the purposes of implementation and participation in the Program. Among other things, the Participant will be notified of the change of the Card Status, the possibility of gaining additional points or promotions organized by the Organizer.
4. Providing personal data shall be voluntary, but necessary to participate in the Program.
5. Each participant shall be able to review and update their personal data.


1. In the event of irregularities concerning the calculation of points, the Participant has the right to submit a complaint either by post to: MAWAWO, Puławska 108/112, 02620 Warszawa (Poland), or by e-mail to The complaint shall be considered within 14 days.
2. The Organizer has the right to terminate the Program at any time, by sending information to the Participant's Account and posting the announcement on the Organizer's website ( or their Facebook fan page ( The termination of the Program shall be announced at least 14 days in advance. After the termination of the Program, points shall no longer be exchangeable.
3. The T&C may be changed at any time by posting an updated version of the T&C on the Organizer’s website or Facebook fan page, and individually notifying each Participant of such by electronic means, to the e-mail address provided by the Participant. Participants who do not accept changes in the T&C shall not be able to continue using the Program, but they shall still be able to exchange their points in accordance with the existing terms.
4. For all rights and obligations that arise from the Loyalty Program, the Polish law shall be applied.


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